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In 1998 we started the business in Thailand as our export and sales base for the Southeast Asia market. Peripheral equipment for streamlining plastic molding (e.g. granular materials equipment) is essential for the production process of the country's core industries such as automobiles. With Japanese technological capabilities and excellent quality, Kawata provides sophisticated services to over 200 customers.

Over 90% of our customers in Thailand are in the molding industry, including injection, extrusion, and blowing. We are working on expanding our portfolio to non-plastic industries. This is why we established Reiken (Thailand) Co., Ltd., as a manufacturer of water treatment equipment, in June 2013. The Company provides high-quality products and services not only to users of molding machines but also to other types of factories.

Chiller is
A chiller is a machine that removes heat form liquid via a vapor-compression or absorption cycle.

This liquid can then be circulated through a heat exchanger to cool air or equipment as required.As a necessary by product, refrigeration creates waste heat that must be exhausted to ambient or,for greater efficiency,recovered for heating purposes.Concerns in design and selection of chillers include performance,efficiency,maintenance,and product life cycle

Chiller use
- Mold cooling of the injection molding machine
- Roll Cooling of the extruder
- Mold Cooling of the die-casting
- Mold Cooling of the press machine
- Mold Cooling of the Vacuum forming machine
- Jacket cooling of the Mixer
- Oil cooler cooling of the manchine



PLASTIC Dehumidifying Dryer
Honey comb Type
PLASTIC Dehumidifying Dryer
Molecular Type
PLASTIC Hot Air Dryer
Simple design, with convey-1 and convey-2,super energy-saving hot air dryer.
PLASTIC Hot Air Dryer
Hot air is blown from bottom to top through bugle-shaped air duct. The material flows from top to bottom (shaped as a plunger) under the resistance of bugle duct. The material and hot air flows uniformly in the opposite direction, providing good drying uniformity.
PLASTIC Box Type Dryer
Box tyoe dryer from KAWATA has simple structure, uniform hot blast distribution. It is ideal for drying of small batch , miltiple materials , and the pre-drying of other drying methods.




plastic dryer
Chiller,plastic dryer